Track and Audit

Tracking and Auditing assets takes time and focus away from your business. Errors can have a devastating effect on your people and assets.

The EZYiD system and seamless intergration with Just Get it Done! business management software makes identifying and tracking your companies assets easy and quick!

It reduces human error and in turn improves productivity

EZYiD Tags

EZYiD Tags are robust and economical and have been specifically designed to be applied using EZYiD’s recommended adhesive to hard surfaces such as steel, aluminium or plastic. At only 6.2mm in diameter and under 2mm deep the tags are easily fitted to areas of your assets that will cause minimal operational interference. Purchase tags on the JGID Shop

RFID Scanner

EZYID UHF READER: The versatility of a UHF reader

Purchase Scanners on the JGID Shop

EZYiD Stickers

Stickers are great for fitting to plastic or fibre objects such as helmets and rope. Using glued heat shrink to attach to rope, ensures a durable, easy way of implementing RFID technology to products that you would not normally apply RFiD technology to. The EZYiD system is only limited by your imagination. Purchase Stickers on the JGID Shop

Cable Ties

Great solution for attaching to variety of items, that generally are difficult to fit a tag or sticker to. Soft goods such as harnesses, slings, odd shaped equipment or even power cords come to mind when using the EZYiD Cable Ties. The application is only limited by your imagination.

Purchase Cable Ties on the JGID Shop

Simple Hack to fitting RFID chips to equipment WITHOUT the Mess!

Many of our customers have had this messy issues of attaching RFID chips to equipment and we found a great way to keep things clean and get the job done.

When retrofitting RFID chips to your equipment it can be a messy job but here is the greatest hack we found after glueing hundreds of chips on to rope access equipment.

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RFID & JGID STEP 1 Tagging your Equipment

RFID & JGID STEP 2 connecting the inventory in JGID Andre Quin talks through RFID Tracking of your equipment and its integration with Just Get it Done!

GID & RFID Step 3 checking equipment on and off jobs

Kelley Wilkes, Operations Manager, Skywalker Rope Access

A dynamic software design team that have created a platform that has increased our efficiency over 436% in the first year of its implementation. That is not a made up figure, that is directly from our Chief Financial Officer. I'll let you do the math from here....

Jim Hill, Nepean Solar Solutions

I have found JGID to be a very good tool to assist with my on-site staff management, particularly the access to pertinent information remotely from the office, the ability to have all documents flowing freely between the staff and clients on-site and the administration has really helped my team help my business efficiencies. Thoroughly recommend JGID for any contractor that has staff working out on-site

Michael Chan, Operations Manager, Abseilers United

Everything was intuitive, made sense, and 'under one roof'. My quotes, invoices, time sheets, calendars, all work with each other and are so quick and easy to find. It's simply a great time saver.

Brad Palmer, Managing Director, Brad Palmer Plumbing

It's having such a positive impact on me, my business, and the way we operate. Now I can do everything on the go and don't have to worry about piles of paper work to go through once I get home.

Andre Quin, CEO, JGID Pty Ltd

Our goal and primary purpose of being in business is to improve life as a whole for everyone and everything that comes into contact, directly or indirectly, with any of the products or services of the JGID Community.

Luke Goleman, Director, Goleman Group NZ

Goleman is a hands on maintenance company providing building maintenance services to the commercial property sector. Timely and accurate information is key. Information from the client instruction to the guy on the tools and report back to the client and everything that happens in between, we implemented JGID. We love the program, we use it to run our business. From the quick upload and sharing of documents to the easy scheduling. It has sped up the quoting for one-off and recurring services greatly. All information is retained and easily accessible and replicable.

Ben Galbraith – Business Manager – Spidertech

For our staff, everyone throughout the business knows who has to be where, when and what needs to be delivered for our clients. The workflow system supports our teams to consistently replicate what we do well for our clients.

Operational staff only see and interact with the bits they need, namely checking their rosters, viewing their job briefs prior to commencing work, accessing key information when onsite at jobs and completing electronic time sheets, all from their own devices.

JGID is a modern cloud-based workflow software system that is tailored to our industry, and it just works.